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In-line monitor for process optimization and verification


- Improve current version of machine by: (a) reducing minimum wavelength to operate in UV for ultra thin oxide/nitride/oxide multilayers, (b) reducing spot size to 100x200 micron to allow measurements in test pads as well as scribe lines, and (c) incorporating alloy composition determination procedure in software.

- Assess accuracy and precision (repeatability) on a wide range of structures by comparison with off-line measurements.

- Assess ability to discriminate changing layer characteristics both within batches and from batch-to-batch, together with throughput and reliability, by extensive trials on selected representative structures from mainstream CMOS technology demonstrators and advanced Bipolar systems.

- Optimize ease-of-use by customization of analysis methodology for representative structures.

This project will assess, in a process environment, the SOPRA Multi-Layer Monitor (MLM) which is an automatic, clean-room compatible, high throughput, optical monitoring instrument based on multi-channel spectroscopic ellipsometry. The machine is capable of measuring, non-destructively, up to five layers simultaneously on patterned product wafers, providing information on thickness, crystallinity, composition, refractive index and roughness, together with uniformity mapping. The outcome of the project will be a machine with an operator-level methodology for important CMOS/Bipolar process steps with quantified capabilities/benefits.

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GU14 6TD Farnborough
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