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Functional imaging during X-ray interventions

Final Activity Report Summary - FIXI (Functional imaging during X-ray interventions)

Mastery of operating a solar telescope was achieved by Vyacheslav Olshevsky (U-Tr) with the DOT.

The future of European solar physics depends on the construction of the European Solar Telescope. Designing the adaptive optics of such a large telescope requires knowledge of the turbulent layers of the atmosphere and its effect on seeing. Tim van Werkhoven (S-Tr) implemented a system on the SST to record such data.

Other Traineeships gave experience with solar science that immediately led on to PhD positions in solar physics: Helena Bengtsson (U-Tr), Judith Palacios (U-Tr), Shahin Jafarzadeh (O-Tr), and Gregal Vissers (O-Tr) belong to this category while Michiel Cottaar (O-Tr) used his solar work to qualify for a PhD studentship in stellar astrophysics.

As the Fellows continue their careers it is clear that some will go on with solar science or instrumentation, others will make use of their solar experience in other fields as they fan out exploring their limits. Thus the USO-SP International Graduate School for Solar Physics has not only fostered solar physicists.