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Cleaning assessment in a mini-fab environment


- Assess SAPI "Chamber-Flow" acid pre-furnace in ELMOS new 150 mm fab-line.

- Establish and meet target specification for the quality of the cleaning process in terms of particles (<0.05/cm2 at 0.3 micron ), metal contamination (<1.0 x 10atoms/c2 for common metals), and surface roughness (<0.5 nm over 100 x 100 micron.

- Establish cost effective, "Caro"-HF-last, cleaning process to above specification as first step.

- Establish "High-Rel", highest quality, cleaning process to improved specification as second step.

- Correlate cleaning efficiency with actual yield on reliability data from running production.

- Characterise the "Chamber-Flow" in terms of CoO, uptime (>95%), MTBF (>500 Hrs), MTTR (<5 Hrs), reproducibility and safety.

The "Chamber-Flow" acid wafer cleaning equipment of SAPI provides an ideal capability for an ASIC mini-fab, such as ELMOS or ZMD, to break away from the conventional robotic wet bench acid cleaning systems, with their high operating costs and over-capacity (1000 wafers/hour), and to use the appropriate capacity of a smaller modular system. Several other advantages, like small footprint, complete air-free "dry-to-dry" process and "piston-effect" rinsing bring advantages over robotic wet benches.


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