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Introducing total quality management and business process management into I.T. companies


The project aims at identifying the critical success factors involved in introducing a Total Quality environment into fast growing IT companies. The project will use a proven European methodology such as EFQM to determine the consortium member companies' relevant status in the development of their quality improvement processes.

The consortium members have been chosen for the wide-ranging skills of each organisation, and the different experiences that each has had in the history of their organisational development.

The main result of the project will be that the consortium members will have defined the current state of their organisations, and will have determined a plan to move the initiative forward from Definition to Full Pilot during which the improvement actions will be put into place and documented.

The approach will be to:
- establish process-maturity benchmarks by using customer satisfaction surveys both within and outside the organisations, and jointly to select for improvement, key business practices and indices
- evaluate reference models for self-assessment such as EFQM, by performing self-assessment and recording results using standardised TQM methodologies
- develop visual process-mapping to identify business flows, and jointly select suitable electronic flow- charting tools to document/display the findings, and assist identification of inefficiencies
- conduct comprehensive internal information audits; both electronic and hard-copy; analyse the data collected, and stratify, cost, and rank-order the problem areas based on information value and strategic importance
- investigate internal cultures, and define methods of improving customer focus
- analyse data collected and determine suitable measurement criteria for benchmarking and improvement monitoring
Special emphasis is being placed on young, energetic IT companies and the use of electronic information management and dissemination tools, information sharing for competitive advantage and to improve customer/supplier focus, within a secure framework to maintain acceptable integrity and confidentiality.

Achievements so far:
The consortium meets regularly and is on target to achieve all deliverables. EFQM self-assessments are carried out within the consortium, and the results shared for analysis. Exploratory information audits are done, with the findings published and actions plans for further work set for carry-forward to the Full Pilot. Customer and staff-satisfaction surveys are done, analysed and documented, the results being assessed against published norms. Follow-on timetables are established, with improvements planned. Process mapping tools are being researched and tested on real-time business problems along with database tools that claim to manage customer-contact information.


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