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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Advanced hearing aid test tools in Oticon

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HEARMASTER introduces and demonstrates a new line of test systems and test techniques for engineering test and production test of advanced mixed-signal hearing aids. The approach supports electrical as well as acoustical testing. Through the introduction of modern DSP (digital signal processing) based test techniques, throughput improvements during testing are up to 3 times better compared to existing techniques. In addition to the throughput improvements, and hence reductions in overall testing costs and product costs, the new approach lends itself well to testing modern digital based hearing aids. The demonstration was performed on the world's first digital based hearing aid, Oticon's DigiFocus. Modern techniques for testing mixed-signal products are supported in the system, such as multi-tone testing, random noise testing, as well as other types of DSP based tests, e.g. Maximum Length Sequence (MLS), etc. Such techniques offer more efficient and realistic approaches to testing compared to the traditional sweep type of testing techniques frequently used by hearing aid manufacturers today. As a result of the demonstration project, Oticon has decided to introduce the HEARMASTER test concept in its entire range of engineering/production environments, and a number of systems and licenses are being installed after the completion of the project. The HEARMASTER test solution has also been sold to other hearing aid manufacturers as well as to companies performing audio measurements, e.g. of loudspeakers and audiometers.

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