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The Greek Interoperability Centre: Enabling Research in the Interoperability Domain


Interoperability has been recognized as the key issue for achieving high productivity of Enterprises (especially SME’s) and their information systems but also as the main driver for delivering effective pan-european electronic government services towards citizens and businesses. Promoted by the i2010 Strategy Framework, being a key area of the eGovernment and eBusiness European Commission research roadmaps, but also being a hot issue for all Governments of the 27 member states and the third countries, Interoperability is recognized as an inter-disciplinary research topic with high political and technological value. The main goal of the proposed project is to establish a new research centre targeting eGovernment and eBusiness Interoperability Research, within the National Technical University of Athens, the leading technological research institute in Greece. The Greek Interoperability Centre (G.I.C.) aims at becoming a premium research centre in the field of Interoperability in Greece, cooperating with local universities across the Greek regions but also institutions from the Balkans and the Mediterranean – thus forming a strong regional pole of research and technology. The Greek Interoperability Centre will be structured through cooperation with 7 leading research institutes from Germany, Italy, Norway, UK, US and China, hosting invited training sessions of more than 12 top-caliber researchers and engaging more than 10 expert and new researchers in its team for a period of 3 years. The Centre will be capable of conducting innovative EU level research, supporting the Greek Government and the IT Industry in achieving the benefits of interoperability, exerting influence in shaping national policy regarding interoperability research and funding, contributing to standardisation in national and international level and disseminating research results and knowledge in relevant identified research centres in Bulgaria, Cyprus, FYRO Macedonia, Romania and Turkey.

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