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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Motorcycles rider simulator


The aim of the project is to develop a two-wheeled vehicle simulator system. In the final system, the human operator will be seated on a mock-up of a two-wheeled vehicle. A screen in front of the operator and a special helmet will provide respectively graphical and acoustical representation of various simulated scenarios. The mock-up will be moved by an actuation system which will provide consistent inertial feedback. The operator will have the ability to exercise several control actions, i.e. steering, braking, throttling, and weight shifting, as on a real motorcycle. A model computational unit will perform the integration in the time domain of a complete set of non-linear dynamic equations of motion, providing the input values to a real-time system governing the control of the various subsystems of the simulator.

The mathematical model of the system dynamics will be completely parametric, so that it will be possible to use the simulator as a design tool. It will make it possible to acquire data on motorcycle manoeuvrability at the design stage, before making any running prototype. This will take into account not only the vehicle characteristics but also the rider's interaction and control, which very often play a crucial role.

Other forms of exploitation can be envisaged, including marketing and publicity, ride training, and human factors research, while some subsets could also be marketed as arcade games. The dissemination of the results should have various spin-offs, since the hardware and software tools that will be created could be used in various other industrial and research activities.

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