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Motorcycles rider simulator

Exploitable results

MORIS is a virtual reality environment designed to realistically reproduce the behaviour of a motorcycle. It is aimed at motorcycle designers, performance evaluator riders, professionals, new customers and inexperienced riders. While sitting on a mock-up of a two-wheeled vehicle, scenarios are recreated for the rider. A screen in front provides graphical representation, while a helmet provides acoustical representation. A wind interface further enhances sensory stimulation. The mock-up bike moves via an actuation system which provides consistent inertial feedback, and allows the rider to control steering, braking, throttling and weight shifting, as on a real motorcycle. The system has applications in both design and market research. Described as a motion-based simulator, MORIS provides seven degrees of freedom: longitudinal, lateral and vertical displacement, roll, yaw, pitch angle and steer angle. The mock-up sits on a platform equipped with a parallel actuation system. Besides motion rendering capabilities, the simulator has a video interface which is a screen in front of the rider; an acoustic interface which provides realistic sound effects through a helmet; and a wind interface which simulates wind resistance against the rider. All these components contribute to the realism of the virtual reality environment. Other innovative features incorporate large motions and acoustical feedback systems based on the binaural technique.