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Channel information control


CHIC is a pilot project to control the distribution of newspapers and magazines through the news-stands distribution channel. The goal is using the existing technology to improve quality and competitiveness in the business process.

The basic CHIC idea involves implementing the following 3 phases :
a) Selecting about 150 news-stands in Italy and 40 in Greece,representative of total sales trends.
b) Implementing a survey system to give the Publisher sold and return figures in real time, using the existing organisation and technology.
c) Establishing a new relationship system between News- vendors, Distributors and Publishers.

The survey system allows:
1) Changing monthly data into daily data in real time
2) Giving opportunity to add another daily data flow, from publisher to distributors and to news-vendors
3) Anticipating modification in delivered copies, based on market feed-back.
4) Moving toward the optimum quantity in delivered copies based on tool and Know -how.
The New Relationship System is the most critical phase,but also the most important phase, for the success of the project.

It is necessary to create a new approach between different kinds of players in the news-stands distribution chain.This new approach should be open and cooperative.

In this new approach we can maximise improvement to our business process only if we consider it also from the point of view of the main suppliers and clients in our same business area.

Main objectives are:
- To implement a survey system to give sales and returns trends in real time.
- To use the above data to optimise the print run and the distribution plan of the very next issue.
- To develop a model which extends the results from our sampled news-stands to every area in which the sampled news-stands are located.
- To use the above data to automate documents issued by news stands and local distributors and integrate their systems.

Dissemination is the activity which allows CHIC Consortium to improve efficiency in its own business process from outside


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