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Business process reengineering for insurance


REFINE's main strategic goal is to enable the insurance sector to face the deregulated and liberalised European market. This will be accomplished by customising and refining the concepts of the generic Business Process Manangement System (BPMS) for the insurance sector. The availability of information technology will be used as an enabler, in order to increase the competiteveness of European insurance enterprises within global markets through the application and use of best business practice in the areas of business process reengineering methodologies, tools and human resources.

One of the major results of the project will be two reengineered process instances of the proposed business processes implemented as pilots. The selection of an optimum solution (i.e. a new process) is based on certain evaluation criteria, which are also part of the project result, since they will be refined within the project. This will lead to the adapted Insurance BPMS (IBPMS). Another important result will be the implementation scheme for insurance organisations which can be used for similar BPR-projects.

Project approach
Two business processes, namely 'Underwriting' and 'Claims Processing' within the property and casualty area, have been selected for transformation by the REFINE insurance partners, as representative ones within the specific Insurance sector. These are the core processes for almost every service provided by an insurance company and constitute the main part of interaction between insurance enterprises and their customers.. The generic application area for these business processes is Property and Casualty. The specific application instance of this generic application area is Fire and Motor Insurance. Best practise pilots will take place at the three different user sites, in Germany at 'Agrippina', in Greece at 'Interamerican' and in Spain at 'CESCE'

Impact of results
Documentation of the practical experiences gained during these best practice pilots will significantly help other insurance companies to perform similar BPR projects. The adapted IBPMS is the methodotical backbone to drive such processes. The evaluation metrics used in REFINE can be used as measurement for quality and services provided to the customers of insurances. The conclusion of the three different pilot implementations will make the results international comparable.

Exploitations of results
The insurance companies, in particular, will exploit the results by applying them to their wider business operation and they will disseminate them through their national, international and local insurance associations like, the European Committee of Insurances based in Paris, ICIA (International Credit Insurance Association), the German insurance association (Gesamtverband der deutschen Versicherungswirtschaft e. V., betriebswirtschaftlicher Ausschuß), UNESPA (Union of Spanish Insurance and Reinsurance Companies) and the Association of Greek Insurance Companies. During the project, results will be disseminated across Europe via workshops, seminars and conferences.

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