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Business process reengineering for insurance

Exploitable results

As the European insurance market becomes deregulated and liberalized, insurers must respond quickly to their customers' needs. REFINE was designed to help the insurance sector to perform business process re-engineering (BPR) by combining an insurance-specific methodology called the Insurance Business Process Management System (I-BPMS) with general business process management software called ADONIS. Core business processes, like claims processing and underwriting, are being transformed with REFINE. ADONIS is available for use on Windows 95/NT and OS/2. It supports the core activities of I-BPMS and has the flexibility to model companies' continually changing requirements. Its functionalities include information acquisition, modelling, analysis, simulation and evaluation. Being based on a generic meta-model and object-oriented techniques, all of the system's functionalities can be customized to suit specific applications. ADONIS uses a library of simulation algorithms for path analysis, resource and personnel capacity planning as well as workload analysis. These allow queries to be made and specific metrics to be gained for the process being modelled. Interfaces between ADONIS and other systems, such as company-wide intranets and workflow management systems, offer a means to distribute the information obtained.