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Balkan Vegetables Research Centre for transfer of European knowledge, research and practice


The initiatives of the project aim to support the progress of Maritsa Vegetable Crops Research Institute to be reinforced as a modern, competitive one in European horticultural science and to become a leading research center for Balkan region. Coordination and Support Actions proposed here comprise: 1) Recruitment scientists from leading European Institutes to transfer the recent achievements of European knowledge of plant genetics diversity, pest risk analysis, plant nutrition and organic production; 2) Enhancement the professional level of young researchers and exchange of know-how and experience for senior scientists in relevant advanced European Institutes; 3) Improvement and up grading the technical status of Institute with new trends equipment; 4) Establishment of Maritsa VCRI as a dissemination centre and promoter of European knowledge and practice in the field of vegetable science in Bulgaria as well as in Balkan region; 5) Support of Maritsa Technology Transfer Office as an innovative centre and as an interface between the Institute and farmers and processors to transfer the advanced European technologies. The potential impacts will be: 1) acquaintance of Bulgarian researchers with the latest achievements in management of vegetable resources, pest risk analysis and soil fertility management, 2) creation of new generation of young researchers, experienced in high level management of vegetable resources, 3) achievement of comparable and competitive level to the ERA’s due to the improvement of technical status of Institute, 4) elaboration of strategy for Bulgarian vegetable science and development of the Institute as an advisory and dissemination Centre, 5) reinforcing the Balkan collaboration to bring together expertise of different disciplines for preservation and proper management of vegetable diversity in Balkan region. All support and coordination actions will be performed in collaboration with the prestige European research institutes.

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Brezovsko Shosse Street 32
4003 Plovdiv
Tipo de actividad
Research Organisations
Aportación de la UE
€ 1 000 000
Contacto administrativo
Dimitrina Kostova (Dr.)