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Reengineering and legacy information system experiment


The first objective of REALISE is to enable two different Matra businesses (Matra CAP Systemes' (MCS) satellite earth stations and Hachette Livre's (HL) book publishing) to achieve their clear vision through a radical transformation of the organisation, aided by technological support as an enabling factor.

The second objective is to provide results that are confidently generalisable across the businesses of Matra, a major diversified group.

The third objective is to develop a framework in which :
- certain kinds of dynamic business process can be transformed with, fully identified, manageable risk
- business benefits are predictable in advance, or at the least can be identified an evaluated
- the manner of application of certain specified technologies to target processes is clearly highlighted and can be followed for wide application.

Both MCS and HL have professional staff (80% engineers in MCS) working in semi structured processes on a project basis. Both have multi-site work. Today, processes involve significant serial working (i.e. inadequate concurrency), inadequate reuse of results of past projects, incomplete access to information at any one point, and breaks in processes across departmental and supplier/distributor boundaries. The end result of the project will be businesses with technology supported processes, that give :
- greater economic efficiency in project implementation and drastically lower lead time
- empowered teams to deal with change and pursue new opportunities
- efficiencies by cross-over to parts of external organisations (MCS's customers, HL's distributors).

There are methodological challenges - dynamic processes, co-operative work, hybrid workflow, initiating team culture, cross-over to outside organisations.

There are technology support challenges. The reengineered processes will require technology support going beyond mere Lotus Note. REALISE brings in state-of-art technology (with provenance in successful Esprit projects) from Docuwork and Intrasoft for :
- integration of legacy information, documents and groupware, going beyond "screen scraping"
- life-cycle control of document content and collaborative structures about finished documents

This is a 30 month project. Phase 1, lasting 18 months, will result in full reengineering, with demonstrable support for 50 persons. Phase 2 will extend support to entire earth stations business involving 310 persons, and cover parts of the publishing business. Phase 3 will mean dull deployment in publishing, with extension (using resources outside the project) to other businesses of Matra Hachette.

Matra Hachette will view the results as an ability to pursue even more aggressively its strategy for Europeanisation.

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