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Using new concepts to obtain EMC on PCBs


- Test and improve Simlab software: Siemens will use the Software 'Extract' from Simlab in depth. This assures that the software will be free of errors and user friendly after the project is completed, ready to be sold on the market.

- Test the link between layout and simulation and optimise it for ease of use by the design engineer.

- Decrease product development times: Siemens is expecting from these tools, to locate errors in hardware design earlier. This should help cut down on development times and avoid unnecessary redesigns. It is hoped that earlier time-to-market and a competitive advantage will result.

At the moment, in the electronic design flow at Siemens there is a connection between design entry and PCB layout as well as between design entry and analog simulation. There is no connection between layout and analog simulation.
Higher frequencies and smaller packages combined with new technologies like multi-chip modules, surface mounted technology and others, make traces in the layout an important factor.
The main objective is to make a connection between the simulation and the layout. This connection should work automatically and must be easy to use for an electric circuit designer.
Within this project the software will be tested very thoroughly, all errors in the software will be reported by Siemens and fixed by Simlab. The simulation results will be used to improve the quality of the product and shorten the development time.

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