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European LSE wide integration support effort


ELSEWISE is a User Group Reference Project in the Large Scale Engineering (LSE) industry. It is concerned with ensuring that companies from the building, civil engineering, process plant, power, offshore and transport infrastructure sectors achieve maximum business benefit from the new information and communication technologies. The European LSE Industry, contributing 12% to Member States' GNP, faces demands for improved productivity, quality and cost to meet serious challenges from overseas competition.

The objectives of ELSEWISE are
- To develop requirements for a transition from paper- based information exchange currently use in LSE Industry to future electronic information methods based on state-of-the-art Product Data Technology (PDT);
- To monitor, harmonise and liaise with other European RTD projects together with those anticipated in the Fourth Framework and other European and national research programmes;
- To instigate the development or extension of components and standards which are missing or lacking;
- To account for particular needs of the range of participants and LSE sectors, including future social, cultural and environmental factors.

The partners will approach these objectives by establishing a sector independent platform for LSE Industry communication, co-ordination and implementation of PDT. ELSEWISE will add value to existing efforts undertaken by various work programmes, sectors and countries by helping to consolidate the results, and by providing a focus on the improvement of the LSE Industry as a whole. Currently there is no established forum for bringing together the common business and technology needs across the breadth of the LSE Industry. Sector initiatives have been established, but few of the problems faced can be solved exclusively at the sector level. Indeed, many engineering companies, specialist sub-contractors SMEs and suppliers work across the range of LSE sectors and need common solutions, not sector specific ones.

ELSEWISE will interface with the existing sector oriented European industry bodies and research associations including ENCORD, ENBRI, ECI, EPISTLE and EDIBUILD, incorporating work done by such groups in the analysis and appraisal of requirements. Based on the knowledge gained in the requirements analysis, liaison will be undertaken with existing and anticipated RTD projects. The aim is to steer these RTD projects in the direction required by the final users of the results : the LSE Industry.

Four strategic outcomes should flow from the ELSEWISE initiative :
- Industry will begin to adopt results of RTD projects designed to meet their requirements (this will have the greatest impact, directly leading to improvements in industrial productivity, quality and cost)
- The European IT-community will be stimulated because the market for new innovative IT-products will be expanded; the present low level of annual investment in IT by the LSE Industry (0.4% of turnover or around 3 billion ECUs) could be more than doubled in the next decade.
- The European LSE Industry will be stimulated because the results of ELSEWISE and subsequent RTD projects will lead to open standards for data sharing and communication, improving process integration and increasing performance across projects as much as 20%.
- Open standards for data sharing and exchange will lead finally to a truly open European construction market and enhanced export opportunities.

The proposed ELSEWISE initiative will contribute to the future prosperity of the presently fragmented European LSE industry, improving competitiveness through integration of information and processes.

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