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European LSE wide integration support effort

Exploitable results

ELSEWISE provided a vision for new ways of possible future working in "Virtual Enterprise" consortia to deliver LSE construction projects within a wider business development including the financing and operation of the resulting facility. This vision is in direct response to the changes which are already starting to occur in market globalization and pressures, client requirements and supply chain relationships, combined with improved application of advanced ICT that will become increasingly possible in the next ten years. The project has devised simplified, pragmatic progression routes that are intended to assist LSE practitioners to prepare ICT and process development strategies that match the overall vision. The project has also suggested appropriate points of action to all parties that could influence the development of such a future vision. The ELSEWISE Consortium Partners and Associates have already benefited from the process of examination and development of greater understanding through their participation in this work. They commend these results to others who wish to consider the future of LSE construction delivery, better using emerging ICT tools in a strategic and coherent manner. The generic developments routes towards the Virtual Enterprise Solution proposed by ELSEWISE could be used by individual organizations that wish to evolve similar objectives. To apply these more specifically, individual organizations could "map" their current situation against each development topic to establish a meaningful set of "benchmarks". Next, specific improvement plans would be formulated for the organization to progress along one or more of the suggested development routes using the more detailed information as additional guidance. Project URL :