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Paradigm independent shop control for smaller manufacturing sites


PASO aims at advancing manufacturing management technology in a commercially attractive area.

Since the 1980ies manufacturers have been shifting from functional production arrangements towards product-based manufacturing shops and smaller organisational entities (lean management and group technology). These autonomous, small production shops and cells need visual, user-friendly scheduling and control systems, which can be customised and integrated with internal and external supplier networks. Other requirements like a more frequently restructuring of production facilities add further to this need.

Today's tools for production planning and scheduling are not flexible enough, as most of them are fixed to a certain production structure. PASO aims at developing a software architecture for shop-control (reactive scheduling) which is independent of the production structure. It therefore should be possible to support almost any structure, organisation and scheduling algorithm.

The innovative contribution of PASO is not based on sophisticated algorithms but rather on a new, flexible software concept with benefits for both the end-user and the system provider. A prototype shop-control system based on the envisaged shop-control kernel, as well as a set of shell modules will demonstrate and validate the feasibility of the concept.

The advantages of the targeted system can be summarised as follows:
- customisable in a very high degree, allowing incremental upsizing;
- low cost system,
- easy to use, simple, with illustrative user interface,
- simplified system administration (only PC know-how required);
- expandability and openings;

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