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European processing core technology

Exploitable results

The EUROPRO product provides a significant breakthrough in productivity for software development on parallel processing platforms. This environment allows the implementation of a mix of computational models comprising a comprehensive set of modelling, monitoring and simulation tools. EUROPRO is suitable for developing a wide variety of applications where an intensive data and signal processing capability is required, typically involving real time behaviour. EUROPRO's architecture combines SHARC digital signal processing (DSP) boards and PowerPC reduced instruction set computing (RISC) processing boards which are commercial off-the-shelf VME cards and peripheral component interconnect (PCI) mezzanine card (PMC) boards. Use of multiple high bandwidth EUROLINKS serial links (IEEE 1355) with very low thermal dissipation reduces the power consumption and provides high performance. Signal processor software tools are integrated in a standard computer-aided software environment (CASE) workbench based on the POSIX UNIX operating system. The architecture enables applications that are data and signal processing intensive to be easily designed, simulated, profiled and debugged.