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Climate Change - Terrestrial Adaption and Mitigation in Europe


The project will assess the impacts of agricultural, climate, energy, forestry and other associated land-use policies, considering the resulting feed-backs on the climate system. Geographically explicit biophysical models together with an integrated cluster of economic land-use models will be coupled with regional climate models to assess and identify mitigation and adaptation strategies in European agriculture and forestry. The role of distribution and pressures from socio-economic drivers will be assessed in a geographically nested fashion. Crop/trees growth models operating on the plot level as well as on continental scales will quantify a rich set of mitigation and adaptation strategies focusing on climatic extreme events. The robustness of response strategies to extreme events will further be assessed with risk and uncertainty augmented farm/forest enterprise models. Bioenergy sources and pathways will be assessed with grid level models in combination with economic energy-land-use models. The results from the integrated CC-TAME model cluster will be used to provide: quantitative assessments in terms of cost-efficiency and environmental effectiveness of individual land-use practices; competitive LULUCF mitigation potentials taking into account ancillary benefits, trade-offs and welfare impacts, and policy implications in terms of instrument design and international negotiations. The proposed structure of the integrated CC-TAME model cluster allows us, to provide an evaluation of policy options at a great level of detail for EU25(27) in a post-Kyoto regime, as well as to offer perspectives on global longer-term policy strategies in accordance with the principles and objectives of the UNFCCCC. Close interactions with policymakers and stakeholders will ensure the policy relevance of CC-TAME results.

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