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The increasing worldwide competition between European industry and Asian and American opponents will be furthermore dramatically intensified. A fact which forces companies to redesign their processes. Reengineering is the radical redesign of business processes to achieve major gains in cost, service, or time. To realise a successful change of working processes, an integration of communication and information technologies opens new possibilities. To secure the wide dissemination of these new technologies it is necessary to build up a European-wide network of support centres consisting of different business schools and industrial training centres. Within an international environment the industrial users, especially multinational SMEs, can profit by a business oriented experience transfer of partner organisations sited in several European countries.

The objective of this project is to create a network of TBP support centres as an accompanying measure for RTD work under the Esprit programme. This network will consist of established business schools and industrial competence centres of several European countries, each of which have a long tradition in training state of the art technologies and best business practices, with a very close link to industrial organisations. The aim of this network is to enhance the dissemination of IT-products, services and systems. Most of these IT-products are results of other European research projects, such as CIMple, C-BAT, BIDPREP, COMPASS, and many others. Each member of the network disposes of a large staff of experts working on actual topics attached to business process reengineering, adapted to the individual features of each country.

The scope of the project is a complete programme to assist industrial organisations by providing training concepts for employees and managers, a set of workshops and meetings to several topics linked with TBP, implementation with pilot projects, and a campaign series of publications. The results of these dissemination efforts will be strengthened by an intensive transfer of research findings and up-to-the-minute knowledge of each centre. Companies using these new technologies for business processes and quality management may expect large-scale benefits in competing more effectively and in gaining sustainable competitive advantages. As a part of the project, the results of these benefits will be measured and evaluated.

The consortium will be divided into three parts:L - the group of training centres operated by one leading business school and a leading industrial training centre and
- the group of teachware contributors.

In addition to these three groups, the international network will be supported by a user interest group, consisting of business schools, industrial competence centers and research facilities of several European countries. The task of the user interest group will be to get the option to test the training concept and to support dissemination efforts of the project partners by embedding the developed training concept into their teaching programmes on their own accord. This user interest group will be enlarged permanently while running the project.

To achieve an optimised dissemination, the exploitation plan contains a large amount of efforts for marketing activities. These marketing activities will accompany the whole project from the beginning till the end. In addition to this, each meeting of the consortium is planned to take place as a presentation workshop where potential customers will get information concerning TBP, the tools adapted to the project and the training activities like courses, seminars and workshops. An important task of the project is the very close linkage to a cluster organisation where the other dissemination project partners are belonging to. An especial support for the dissemination efforts of all teams will be guaranteed by two meetings per year of the whole cluster, where dissemination activities of the separated teams are coordinated, new inputs are discussed and further activities are planned. Between these meetings a close linkage between the different teams is given by the usage of an electronic network, by which all partners can communicate.

The target groups of the project are all kinds of industrial organisations doing some business process reengineering or are planning to do so. Neither the industrial organisations doing some business process reengineering or are planning to do so. Neither the industrial sector nor the size or scope of the company are of interest, because the support of reengineering by IT-tools is of importance in any business. The network concept of support centres is designed to approach practicians who have to work in new structures as well as management trainees preparing for an entry into a changing industrial environment.

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