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Development of new catalysts for olefin metathesis: Applications in the synthesis of new polymeric systems


We plan to develop improved catalysts for olefin metathesis and to study the fundamental chemistry required to understand their mode of action. Our work will focus on the enhancement of the efficiency and the lifetime of the catalysts. The rational design of more stable catalysts will be achieved by understanding the decomposition pathways of existing catalysts. We also intend to demonstrate the synthesis of block copolymers on a surface and to explore the phase separation generated by the attached block copolymers. Success in these goals will open a wide variety of applications and guide to new methods for producing organic- and polymer- based electronic devices such as thin film transistors and light emitting diodes. Furthermore, particular effort will be directed toward the application of the metathesis catalysts in the synthesis of new cyclic polymeric systems and in the direction of controlling molecular weights, poly-dispersion and macromolecular architecture.

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