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High Efficiency Laser-Based Multi-User Multi-Modal 3D Display

Descripción del proyecto

Organic and large-area electronics, visualisation and display systems

HELIUM3D will create a 3D display that will extend the state of the art in autostereoscopic (glasses free) displays, and will address the efficiency and colour limitations of the current and next generation of displays by developing a new display technology based on direct-view RGB laser projection via a low loss transparent display screen to push the technology beyond the next generation of 3D displays. The HELIUM3D display will accommodate multiple mobile viewers with no restriction on movement.A high accuracy, low latency pupil position tracker will be developed to direct the appropriate images to the viewers' eyes in a similar manner to current head tracked displays and will facilitate various modes of operation. These include: motion parallax (the 'look around' capability) to each viewer, privacy of viewing from other viewers, a different camera viewpoint to each viewer and also conventional 2D to all viewers providing backward compatibility when necessary. This gives a display with a very wide range of applications and modes of operation.In producing such an advanced display HELIUM3D will also address new viewer interaction techniques in the near-field (distances within arm's reach of the display such as computing or medical imaging) and far-field (applications beyond arm's reach, such as domestic television or video gaming) that will be made possible by the new technology.The project will manage 32 person-years of effort over 36 months at a cost to the EU of 3.034 MEuro. The first 3 months will validate the research agenda and conduct a design review. In the subsequent 18 months a prototype will be developed to provide a platform for demonstration and formative assessment. The final 15-month phase iterates the development and consolidates know-how to provide a fully evaluated demonstrator, together with dissemination of specific and generalisable knowledge.

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CP - Collaborative project (generic)


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€ 798 749,00
LE1 9BH Leicester
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East Midlands (England) Leicestershire, Rutland and Northamptonshire Leicester
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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Ian Sexton (Dr)
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