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Process improvement object oriented software and reusable components


Demand of reasonably prised high quality software sets rising demands for the productivity and quality assurance of the software production. Software projects tend to produce over and over again closely related individual software components. Software production by connecting components from multiple software houses tend to require excessive adjustment effort and produce heterogeneous software products.
The objective is to improve the productivity and quality by using object oriented technology and thoroughly tested reusable components as well as introducing processes to support this in multivendor environment.


To achieve the objectives a reuse library and processes to produce, store and deliver reusable components are established. This is done in a two company environment to develop the capability for multi vendor software projects.
The project will define the structure of the reuse library, standards for the components and practices for the production and exploitation of the components. The tools to be used are Select OMT case-tool, PVCS configuration management and Lotus Notes.
The baseline application is a comprehensive building maintenance software product with a graphical features (drawings, GIS).

KT-Datacenter employs 800 people, 100 of which work in the software development department. Opti Inter-Consult employs 25 people. Building maintenance project team is 16 people.


KT-Datacenter and Opti Inter-Consult expect to get better productivity and more effective procedures for joint ventures.
KT-Datacenter and Opti Inter-Consult expect to get know-how on the factors that affect the productivity and preconditions of successful multivendor software production.

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