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Competence building and higher awareness about networking and collaboration for Europe

Exploitable results

Collaboration creates new opportunities and challenges for the modern organisation, requiring new forms of thinking and management practices. There is a most pressing need to identify which approaches work best for the many different forms of collaboration - and to make these best practices widely available. To constitute and disseminate best collaboration practices, practitioners and academics initiated the project CHANCE. The CHANCE project is a major European initiative, which gathers practitioners and academics from 7 European countries to collect and disseminate best practice on inter-organisational collaboration. CHANCE has produced impressive results: the CHANCE Catalogue, the repository of certified CHANCE modules, packages and services contains 150 training modules, 250 method handbook modules, 40 case studies and 4 best practice workshop sets. Importantly, CHANCE has also developed guidelines for collecting, producing, packaging and delivering this rich content based on an exceptional knowledge base of academic and field material. The resulting service offer is available in standard packages, but, due to the modular nature of CHANCE results, can also be adapted and tailored to specific needs such as language, client context, business sector. The first CHANCE services were developed by the CHANCE Consortium but contributions to the CHANCE product and service range are also being gathered from outside the Consortium. All products and services are designed and developed by qualified experts in the area of collaboration - the contributors - and then reviewed and approved by the CHANCE Catalogue Panel. Only services and service modules of a guaranteed quality level are included in the CHANCE Catalogue. All CHANCE services are delivered by qualified and approved organizations. Training sessions, seminars and workshops are organized by approved CHANCE relays.

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