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Technology roadmap of processes and materials for organic electronics

Descripción del proyecto

Organic and large-area electronics, visualisation and display systems

The overall objective of PolyMap is to strengthen the position of Europe as the leading force in organic electronics (o.e.) worldwide. For that purpose, PolyMap undertakes 3 actions:1) Mapping public funding in o.e. and setting up an ERA-NET (WP1).This task will be coordinated with the European stakeholder working group 1.Following to an analysis of public funding in national and regional programmes throughout Europe, we will launch a series of round tables between the involved regional and national bodies to identify opportunities for trans-national cooperation. We will culminate in setting up an ERA-NET of o.e.2) Open source database.PolyMap will set up an open database with regard to Large Area and Organic Electronics, containing information regarding materials, key technology bricks, devices, standardisation and applications. This is closely coordinated with other EU projects (Opera, Prodi, Polynet) and with the oe-a.3) Supporting SMEs: SMEs are essential in the European research and industry area. In WP3 we propose to support SMEs, in coordination with the Opera project. We will analyse their specific needs, prepare a service and consultancy package and propose these services to SMEs.PolyMap is an essential member of the European house of o.e. imagined by the EC. Together with three other European projects Polynet, Prodi and Opera, it forms the "quadriga" which, led by the EC, will help Europe to build its advance in organic electronics.

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