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Distributed crisis management using remote collaboration technologies


In a world where the threat of terrorism and environmental disasters are on the increase it is imperative that our ability to instantly collaborate, decide on a course of action and respond, improve dramatically. This proposal addresses this need by combining the remote collaboration technology capability developed by the researcher with the human supervisory control expertise at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Traditional command structures in this domain follow a rigid hierarchy but wit h the widespread adoption of ubiquitous computing facilities by emergency personnel the communication structure can be re-evaluated.

This project will therefore address the support of lateral relationships between operators in a crisis management setting b y using the novel desk-based remote collaboration systems called the Escritoire to support distributed decision making and human supervisory control (HSC). The researcher in this proposal developed the Escritoire during his PhD which was funded by Thales Research and Technology (TRT) and inspired TRT to set up a team of industrial researchers in this field, the Virtual Collaboration Solutions (VCS) group, located in the UK on the campus of the University of Surrey.

In this project the researcher will spend two years in the USA at MIT's Humans and Automation Lab (HAL) learning about, and applying his technology to, HAL's core research field: decision making and HSC. During his time at HAL the researcher will maintain close liaison with the VCS group and after 2 years move to the UK to incorporate his new knowledge in Thales' crisis management test bed, share knowledge in the VCS team and present his results throughout Europe.

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