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Decision making of innovation teams in research and development in knowledge-intensive Industries


Translating technological scientific discoveries into actual products requires knowledge creation and decision making of multifunctional teams. The literature suggests that the new product development team often consists of core competences and a core of full-time people collaborating with individuals working on a part-time basis. However, the literature does not yet emphasize core teams and their decision making processes. The overarching objective of this research project is to understand and to model tea m dynamics in knowledge-intensive industries. I intend
(1) to examine the existence, nature and function of an essential business model element in the rapidly changing environment of high-tech industry: the innovation core team,
(2) to clarify decision making subjects of innovation teams,
(3) to identify factors responsible for the autonomy regarding decision-making in innovation core teams for research and development, (4) to survey under which conditions the autonomy of teams is beneficial for firm performance. The results will be based on interviews and written surveys with Vice Presidents and Directors of Research and Development in biotechnology firms. The interviews will be conducted in regional clusters of entrepreneurial activity in the United Kingdom and the United States. The implications are intended to indicate to firms how to find a balance between autonomy and dependency of decision-making of teams to generate radical innovations. The outgoing phase will be hosted by the University of California , Berkeley (U.S.A.). The returning phase will be hosted by the University of Sussex, United Kingdom. This fellowship will enable me to gain expertise and relevant skills currently not available in Europe. In turn, I can provide this new knowledge to Europe an Networks of Excellence (PRIME and DIME) and contribute to a better understanding of team dynamics to increase the competitiveness of the biotechnology industry and to foster further innovations in Europe.

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