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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Decision making of innovation teams in research and development in knowledge-intensive Industries

Final Activity Report Summary - INNO TEAM (Decision Making of Innovation Teams in Research and Development in knowledge-intensive Industries)

Translating technological scientific discoveries into actual products and services requires building and coordinating innovation project teams. The overarching objective of this research project was to understand team dynamics in highly technology and knowledge-intensive fields. Cross-functional teams, which can be redefined as needed, are important to foster knowledge creation in dynamic environments such as biotechnology.

The research fellow assessed the theoretical background for the project through extensive literature studies in the areas and reviews of related literatures in the fields of innovation management, knowledge management, decision making and concepts for knowledge-intensive firms. The empirical results of the research project were based on interviews and written surveys with vice presidents and directors of research and development in biotechnology firms.

In a further step after information collection, the research fellow analysed the quantitative and qualitative data. Papers were written by the fellow on the topics of decision-making and management of teams in research and development in the knowledge-intensive setting of biotechnology firms once the findings from previous literature had been included. The knowledge gathered helped to understand how to lead cross-functional teams and work with them in competitive environments. The findings further implied recommendations how to build and structure teams with high performance. Finally, the research fellow fed the results back to participating firms in the form of a company report.