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Content archived on 2024-05-30

Intellectual relations between Western Europe and Latin America, 1918-1939

Periodic Report Summary - TMG (Intellectual relations between Western Europe and Latin America, 1918-1939)

Further to the mid-term report, there have been additional developments in the reporting period starting on 1 October 2009. In the new academic year (2009/10) I have attended two more seminars at the institute (on 'European and Atlantic networks' by Bartolomé Yun and on 'Global History' by Steve Smith and Sebastian Conrad), co-organised a workshop on 'Atlantic History', held at the EUI on 10/11 December 2009 with several external invitees, such as Profs Jeremy Adelman and Anthony McFarlane, and I have organised a panel at the conference of the Society of Latin American Studies, held in Bristol in April 2010, about migrations and national identities in Latin America, 1850-1950.

I have furthermore attended and given talks/papers at conferences, workshops and seminar series in Brussels (annual meeting of the Belgian society for Latin American Studies), Glasgow (Social History Society), Newcastle (Northumbria University, seminar series in transnational history) and, again, Mexico City (Colegio de México, inaugural conference of the International Research Training Group 'Between Spaces').

Several new publications have appeared during the reporting period. First an article in the journal Past and Present ('Gauchos, gringos and gallegos: the assimilation of Italian and Spanish immigrants in the making of modern Uruguay, 1880-1930': and another one in New Global Studies ('Globalisation and nationalism in Latin America, c. 1750-1950': As a result, I am satisfied with the progress of the research project and there have been no major deviations from the work planned in the initial application.

In an important development I have been offered a two-year postdoctoral position at the international Research Training Group 'Between Spaces', based at the Lateinamerika-Institut of the Freie Universität Berlin.

Starting on 1 February 2010, this appointment has led to a seven-month temporary suspension of my Marie Curie Fellowship at the EUI, consequently resumed on 1 September 2010. Final developments in the Marie Curie Fellowship's final months will therefore be relegated to the final report.