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Intellectual relations between Western Europe and Latin America, 1918-1939

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European influence on Latin American nation-building

Research has been conducted into the influence of Europe on Latin American visitors on their return to their home countries and contribution to nation building between the interwar years.

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The EU-funded project ‘Intellectual relations between Western Europe and Latin America, 1918-1939’ (TMG) was established to investigate intellectual relations between Europe and Latin America in the years between the two world wars. In particular, researchers sought to understand how such relations contributed to certain models of nation-building and the rise of introspective nationalism in Latin America. The influence of Latin American intellectuals after returning from European visits to prominence in their home countries has not been extensively studied. TMG thus aimed to fill in the gap by researching this population, considering them as both cosmopolitan mediators and constructors of national identity imaginaries. The lead researcher attended a host of seminars, co-organised a workshop on 'Atlantic History', organised a conference panel and participated in workshops, seminars and conferences presenting talks or papers. A number of relevant publications were also prepared and accepted and TMG efforts resulted in further professional and academic opportunities.

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