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Information in functional optical coherence tomography and microscopy

Final Activity Report Summary - INFO-FOCT (Information in Functional Optical Coherence Tomography and Microscopy)

The objectives of the 'Information in functional Optical Coherence Tomography' (Info-fOCT) project were:
1. a thorough theoretical and experimental exploration of light interactions within tissue using coherent light imaging approaches; and
2. the establishment of new measuring platforms based on optical coherence tomography and spectroscopy for imaging function and structure in biomedical settings.

The main achievements that resulted from this project were:
1. the development of advanced simulation tools to efficiently study light propagation through tissue;
2. the evaluation of the information limits of optical coherent imaging-based therapies through tissue; and
3. the development of unique optical technologies for biomedical imaging at various resolution scales ranging from a few micrometres to a few nanometres.