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Biometrics test services


BIOTEST is concerned with biometric technologies as used for the authentication of individuals. It is aimed at developing standard metrics for comparing biometric devices of different types, and has attracted interest from a wide cross-section of commerce and industry. It is intended that these metrics might eventually be the subject of formal standardisation (e.g. through ISO). The metrics developed should allow the performance of two dissimilar devices, perhaps one using signature recognition and the other retinal scans, to be realistically compared. Other metrics, perhaps not hitherto considered when comparing biometric devices, such as usability, will also be considered.

Specific objectives of the project are to encourage the spread of best practice in the use of biometrics through:

- Development of a method for the meaningful comparison of biometric devices, as independent as possible of the particular biometric technique used.
- Development of a method for the meaningful comparison of biometric devices with traditional authentication and access control technologies.
- Development of a standardised reference database of samples (e.g. fingerprint data, voice data).
- Establishment of commercial biometric test facilities (including criteria for their operation in different application environments).

The project will result in substantial benefits for the biometrics community. Manufacturers will be able to evaluate their products against standard test sets during development. Users will be able to compare techniques and products. The result will be a stimulation of the biometrics market in Europe, thus increasing export opportunities for European products both in the US and far east. The security market in general will be expanded considerably if designers employed biometric authentication techniques. Exploitation of the project is expected through revenue from the commercial test services which will be established, increased markets for biometric products, and the licensing of the technology resulting from the project.


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