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Biometrics test services

Exploitable results

Performance testing services for biometric identification systems, such as fingerprint recognition and signature recognition, provide users with a means of benchmarking commercial devices for their own particular applications There is an increasing number of devices that identify people, or verify their claimed identity, by their physical or behavioural attributes. These biometric devices, as they are called, are being used in a correspondingly widening range of application areas. In order for purchasers of these devices to make an informed decision, and to allow manufacturers to assess both their situation in the market and the improvements during upgrades, it is important to have both metrics by which performance of biometric devices might be measured, and the prerequisites for these metrics such as access to a number of biometric attributes. BIOTEST has developed a standard set of metrics which allow for comparison amongst biometric devices, and also between biometric devices and more traditional techniques of identification and verification such as personal identity numbers (PIN). To complement this, it has built up a stored database of selected biometric attributes. These are the key technical results of the BIOTEST project. The customers from BIOTEST will typically be: manufacturers of biometric devices, who will gain information about their device's performance (either in absolute terms, or in comparison with competitors' devices and previous releases of their own device); companies (and their regulatory and advisory bodies) interested in using biometric devices within their sector (traditional sectors having been physical access control, law and order, security computerized system, immigration, welfare, and banking). These will gain, from BIOTEST, an increased ability to judge the suitability of biometric devices for their application.