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Production of hypoallergenic soy products exhibiting bioactive peptides throughout fermentation technology


With respect to allergenicity, soybean ranks in the “big 8” of the most allergenic foods and the incidence rate is projected to markedly increase with increasing consumption. The aim of this research is to provide an adequate fermentation process that will allow reducing allergenicity enhancing the safety and availability of soy-derived products to sensitive individuals providing at the same time new bioactive peptides that may prevent age-related chronic diseases. These approaches will be of significant relevance to the community, decreasing health care costs by preventing allergic reactions and age-related chronic diseases. Moreover, the knowledge gained from this study will help to improve future soy products transferring the results of this project to the food industry. Identifying bioactive proteins and peptides in fermented soy products will give soy food manufacturers the ability to increase value-added to soy products. This multidisciplinary Project will provide the candidate with a high knowledge of food chemistry, nutrition, proteomics and cell biology and will contribute to her complementary skills. The benefits gained will be the final requirements for becoming and independent and mature professional in food, nutrition and biosciences.

Field of science

  • /engineering and technology/industrial biotechnology/bioprocessing technologies/fermentation
  • /natural sciences/biological sciences/cell biology
  • /medical and health sciences/health sciences/nutrition

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Funding Scheme

MC-IOF - International Outgoing Fellowships (IOF)


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28006 Madrid
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€ 187 221,13
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Carlos Manuel Abad Ruiz (Mr.)