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"Dysregulation of cytokine gene expression and cytokine regulated gene expression is the root cause of many diseases including viral and bacterial infections and chronic inflammation. In recent years, a variety of molecular biology and biochemistry research tools enabled the study of direct protein-protein interactions among various cytokine receptors and transcription factors which establish, maintain, and coordinate transcriptional regulation of cytokine genes. Currently, novel technologies and emerging statistical tools have enabled the use of translational genomics which involves the study of large sets of genes and proteins, with the goal of understanding systems, not simply components. An excellent complement to state of the art will be to apply translational genomic tools and molecular biology techniques to establish novel experimental models leading to a functional understanding of disease and the development of systems-based medical solutions. The aim of this proposal is to enable the researcher to acquire substantiated state of knowledge in translational genetics in the partner organisation ""Translational Genomics Research Institute"" (TGen) which provides the data and tools necessary to identify the genes that play a role in hereditable diseases and understand the genetic changes contributing to disease progression. The researcher will assemble its own genomic research platform in order to translate genetic information of infection and inflammation diseases at TGen. She will build up a new independent platform in The Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research (HZI) which utilizes translational genetics research to establish infection and inflammation relevant cell-based models and uses chemical biology and competent compound collections in HZI to identify and create new bioactive small molecules for targeting disease relevant protein-protein interactions. This forward-looking project will significantly contribute to HZI competitiveness."

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