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The development of a timely and robust tool to analyze relations that link crop and livestock diversity and income to nutrition in poor rural areas in Sub-Saharan Africa


Undernutrition is a worldwide problem. Advances in agricultural technologies have enormously increased food production worldwide, however, still 854 million of people remain chronically underfed. Addressing the links between agriculture and nutrition is crucial to translate agricultural successes into nutrition outcomes. The project will develop a practical and timely tool to carry out in-depth assessment studies of the relations that link crop and livestock diversity and income to nutrition in poor rural areas of Sub-Saharan Africa. This tool will be developed by integrating a multidisciplinary data set of the Millennium Villages Project (MVP) and related literature into a simulation model. The MVP dataset allows exploration of many factors that affect the relationships between crop and livestock diversity, income and nutrition. Using this model the hypotheses that crop and livestock diversity and income increase enhance nutrition will be evaluated and factors that affect these relations will be identified. In-situ collection of additional data as well as the use of the extensive dataset and scientific findings of the Consortium of Improving Agriculture based Livelihoods in Central Africa (CIALCA) will significantly strengthen the robustness of the model. During this project, a highly qualified scientist with strong research experience as bioengineer and PhD scholar in tropical agriculture will be trained by two excellent hosts to cross scientific disciplines within society-oriented research. The combination of the candidate and this project offers an opportunity to provide a cross-disciplinary trained highly qualified scientist in the domain of rural development. With the European Union as biggest provider of developmental aid worldwide, this project will strengthen the EU utilization and management of developmental funds through providing strong supporting research.

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