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Integrated Laser Sensor for Exhaled Anaesthetic Agent Monitoring


The application of a novel ultra-sensitive photoacoustic gas sensor is proposed to allow for online monitoring of an intravenously administered anaesthetic agent, which is exhaled at trace levels with the patient’s breath during surgery. We respond to a real and acute need for clinical online monitoring of anaesthetic concentrations in the patient’s blood stream during surgery. In the drafting of this proposal, the Applicant, himself from a physical sciences background, has extensively consulted with Prof. T. Absalom and Dr. D Wheeler, Division of Anaesthesia, School of Clinical Medicine, University of Cambridge, UK to define the clinical problem at the core of this application. The project focuses on the monitoring of propofol, one of the most widely used intravenous anaesthetics in general anaesthesia. Currently the effectiveness of propofol induced anaesthesia is only assessed symptomatically, based on highly subjective and unsophisticated scoring. A viable online capability to monitor exhaled trace levels of propofol in patients does not currently exist but would dramatically improve the level of control over its administration. It would both improve the quality of anaesthetic management by tailoring dosage to the individuals’ needs, reduce clinical recovery times and patient aftercare with associated cost benefits. The project is based on a unique interdisciplinary ensemble of physicists, chemical engineers, medical professionals and potential commercial manufacturers focusing on a high impact engineering challenge. The Applicant has an excellent academic background. He has already gained international recognition in terms of invited conference contributions. He has been one of the key players to develop the proposed sensor technology. The proposed high impact project in a multidisciplinary environment at the University of Cambridge, UK, would fully qualify the Applicant for an independent research post at an internationally recognised research institution.

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