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Island Selection and Lizard Ecology


The proposal is based in the study of ecological processes, particularly natural selection caused by predation as one of the major biological interactions, using islands systems as models. As well, it is focused on the understanding of invasive species ecology, nowadays one of the most relevant lines of research for conservationists and ecologists. It will be accomplished in three different scenarios: Great Abaco Island (Bahamas) and Florida [outgoing phase], and the Canary Islands (Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria and Tenerife) [return phase]. The main general objectives pursued during the outgoing phase of the proposal are: 1) Studying the larger predator Leiocephalus carinatus effects on Anolis sagrei on Great Abaco; 2) Measuring the larger predator L. carinatus’ effects on A. sagrei on mainland Florida. During the return phase it is aimed to: 1) Exploring the affections of the introduced big endemic lizard of Gran Canaria (Gallotia stehlini) into the endemic small lizard of Fuerteventura (G. atlantica); 2) Investigating the reverse situation: affections upon the small endemic lizards from Fuerteventura introduced into Gran Canaria; 3) Measuring the effects of the long-term co-occurrence of the endemic giant lizards (G. intermedia) and the endemic big lizards populations (G. galloti) in Tenerife. Specific objectives for both phases are: 1) Measuring how a larger predator affects traits and densities of an intermediate predator, 2) Measuring natural selection comparing differences in traits changes in each experiment, 3) Interpreting and comparing survival rates, 4) Measuring changes in population trait distribution, and 5) Quantifying the effects of habitat on other aspects of intermediate lizards behaviour. The proposal will constitute an interesting study, uniting the areas of ecology, evolution, behaviour and conservation, providing parallel natural scenarios as ecological models to explore ecological patterns through an unique an exciting way.

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