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An integrated cross-cultural study on corporate social responsibility: Europe vs. Asia


Even though many researchers and Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) related players admit that companies in Asia require a new concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which fits into their own business circumstances, research on CSR in Asia ha s rarely been conducted. The main objective of this research is to investigate the differences in views and effects of CSR between Europe and Asia, and to set up a CSR model to reflect Asian values. In order to fulfil the main goal of the research, we perform and integrate the four sub-studies. First, we establish theoretical frameworks to conduct cross-cultural studies on CSR. Second, we analyse the differences of CSR Orientations (CSRO) between Europe and Asia with the frameworks. Third, we compare the l inks between CSR and corporate economic performance in Europe and Asia. Last, we compare the CSR practices of a European company with those of an Asian company by conducting case studies. CSR is a new and promising field for research in Asia.

Studying in Europe where CSR research has a long history will help the researcher strengthen his expertise in CSR and get a leading research position in Korea after the training. CSR is the concept through which business contributes to sustainable development-one of the key strategies of the European Union (EU). This research will strengthen European research on CSR by introducing Asian cases. It will enable the EU to disseminate CSR worldwide and take initiatives to make international standards for CSR. Three institutes, INSEAD CMER, KAIST CSR Centre, and Eco-Frontier, take part in this research project. The project will underpin long- term collaborations among the institutes.

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