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Trophic Cascades in Marine Ecosystems


Eutrophication is one of the most serious impacts on coastal ecosystems worldwide. It is traditionally viewed as being controlled by light and nutrients availability. However, despite reduction of nutrient input alarmingly high loss of coastal habitats has been observed to endure. It is increasingly being accepted that bottom-up controls, such as abundance and diversity of herbivore grazers, may have a substantial role to play in an ecosystem’s susceptibility to eutrophication. Similarly, other unrecognised bottom-up controls (like ecosystem productivity and salinity) may directly influence ecosystem condition and responsiveness to eutrophication. Through field experiments and field surveys we aim to evaluate the ability of herbivores under different abiotic conditions to mitigate the effects of nutrient enrichment. Moreover, a numerical model will be generated from field, monitoring and literature data to predict the synergistic effect of eutrophication and herbivory on seagrass communities. This will improve our understanding of ecosystem stability, giving a sound basis that can be applied for European coastal zone management efforts towards sustainable ecosystems. The IOF will give the fellow the opportunity to perform high quality research within a worldwide leading scientific research-group in her field of research. Furthermore, the new techniques and methods will significantly enlarge her expertise and allow a significant step forward in her career. New methods like the pulsed amplitude modulated fluorometer (PAM), the stable isotope marking and modelling are in great demand and will give her new scientific tools which fit perfectly and support her current research focus. This project will foster new international contacts and build strong collaborations between scientific experts from Australia, the United States of America, the Netherlands and Germany. I would say either:

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