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Strengthen Chilean European Science and Technology Partnerships


The Association Agreement and the Scientific and Technological Co-operation Agreement, signed by the parties during 2002, represents a concrete major step to support collaborative activities and to stimulate new S&T bilateral cooperation activities. Since then, an important increase of this co-operation has been developed, mainly, through the implementation of the first FP6 CHIEP project, and the activities of the S&T EU promotion Liaison Office at CONICYT. The CHIEP II project is a natural step forward of the first CHIEP project. Its overall aim is to strengthen the Chilean/EU S&T Partnerships based on bilateral policy dialogues and coordination policy initiatives, which will improve the existent collaboration schemes and identify new activities. The Project envisages to enhance bilateral S&T partnerships, and to develop new information facilities and services to better identify and promote the formation of research partnerships. It is thought to strengthen mutual interest and benefit bi-lateral S&T co-operation, through the organisation of scientific oriented missions and thematic workshops according to FP7 initiatives and will contribute to collaboration schemes elaboration and new activities encouraging the co-ordination of policy initiatives through the organisation of bi-lateral policy dialogues in Chile. CHIEP II is expected to contribute with the elaboration of an strategic collaboration scheme strongly related to the new Chilean Innovation Strategy at national and international levels, with the EULARINET FP7 Project at regional level, with the international S&T cooperation policies at EU level and at Member States level. Additionally, CHIEP II shall reinforce the existent S&T Liaison Office Capacities organizing staff training missions improving the Chilean participation in the FP7 and other related EU programmes.

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Calle Moneda 1375
8340486 Santiago
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Public bodies (excluding Research Organisations and Secondary or Higher Education Establishments)
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€ 499 519
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María Mesonero (Ms.)