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Producing accountable sciences : feminist approaches to knowledge construction.


"This research project has two correlated scientific objectives : (1) to promote the construction of a culture of accountability among scientific and academic knowledges (2) to support and develop multidisciplinary literacy for the understanding of the pr actice of science with a ¿bottom-up¿ practice-oriented analyse.These objectives will draw upon the innovative research produced in the fields of :(a) cultural studies of science developped in the field of Women's studies, better known as feminist science s tudies. (Often perceived as ¿a critique¿, of science as ¿construction¿, the project will show that this field of research provides tools for an innovative culture of accountability); (b) innovative contemporary European practice-oriented and bottom-up appr oaches to philosophy of science.The project will explore the interdisciplinary and multi-layered notion of accountable and situated knowledges that thus arises at this intersection, notably through an empirical case-study of feminists `doing biology¿. Al ternative role models for women doing science will be highlighted through the trajectories of feminist biologists commited to the production of accountable sciences.The mobility action is crucial to the project as it would allow the researcher : 1. to work for three semesters at a world-renowned Center for Cultural Studies - University of California -SC, that promotes research and teaching which joins feminist studies, cultural studies of science and philosophy.2. to implement the acquired training in inno vative research and teaching practices during two semesters at the return host institution in Belgium in a High level research multidisciplinary center.3. to exploit at an international level the results of a recently defendedhigh quality PhD dissertation 4. to enhance her competitiveness in the field of European Women's studies research and of cultural studies of science."

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