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Contenido archivado el 2024-06-16

Flow duct acoustics: A practical demonstration to noise source reconstruction


Due to the expected air transport growth, there is a strong need to develop novel noise reduction techniques in order to achieve further significant noise improvements at acceptable cost. Such solutions require a sound characterisation of aeroacoustic sources in the nacelle acoustic duct problem. The main goal of this project is to determine the practical capability of model-based methods in order to reconstruct a given acoustic source distribution in ducted flows, which remains a challenging and open problem. These equivalent models could be further used to devise new strategies for actively reducing the noise radiated from the intake of turbofan engines.

The project will investigate the characteristics of in-duct source distributions from the measurements of the pressure field radiated by the intake and from internal aeroacoustic measurements, with a hybrid analysis based on the combination between up-to-date inverse methods and novel measurement techniques. The investigation would be performed on a laboratory-based flow duct acoustic facility installed in the anechoic chamber of the host institution. After the theoretical analysis of inverse methods for noise source reconstruction in a duct with and without flow, the accuracy and the spatial resolution of t he reconstructed source distributions using the testing platform for several source and flow configurations will be practically estimated.

The researcher has a strong interest in developing her future career in European universities or automotive and aeronautics companies working with growing problems of noise source characterization. The research training proposed will provide her with a deeper understanding of the influence of mean flow on noise source reconstruction, used in aeronautics, in conjunction with novel aeroacoustic measurements techniques. This mobility action would also contribute to enhance EU scientific excellence in favouring longer-term collaborations through potential projects.

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