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Coordination action on Environmental Technology Verification ETV - Building a framework for international cooperation


AdvanceETV aims to demonstrate that the proposed schemes and protocols for Environmental Technologies Verification systems have the potential to be recognised internationally. Thus the main objective is to develop an international framework for cooperation and mutual recognition by supporting the cooperation of international ETV activities, e.g the International Working Group (IWG). This requires support by joint coordination activities: (I) Providing a European basis for mutual recognition (II) Coordinating requirements for co-verification and joint verification (III) Developing a framework for international harmonization The European basis will be elaborated through integrating previous and on-going European RTD. This is done by bringing together protocols/verification reports out of the FP6 projects, consolidating stakeholder feedback of RTD and EC activities and by integrating experiences out of the CEN workshop agreement (CWA) elaboration and use. To raise awareness on gaps and overlaps of international cooperation a case study workshop on co- and joint verification will be initiated together with U.S. and Canadian partners. To foster recognition by harmonisation a standardisation framework will be identified to prepare the initiation of a standardisation procedure. Cross cutting issue workshops ensure feedback and exchange between these different areas. To bring forward mutual recognition, to support cooperation by co-/joint verification and harmonisation requires a strong link to international ETV activities and the IWG on ETV. A confirmed expert board with ETV system representatives from Canada, U.S. South Korea, Japan and others provides the direct link here. This concept supports the working structure of the CA: focused on a series of conferences, coordinated with international ETV activities, serving as a platform for incremental consolidation of the international framework.

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