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Pull through demonstration action for sensor guided robot technology in the fish processing industry


Within the EU, the demand for fish exceeds supply. This has led to a rapid increase in the price of fresh fish and a rapid growth in the consumption of frozen fish. Since there is little possibility of increasing catches of the main species, there is great pressure to make maximum use of the raw material available. The purpose of the ROBOFISH project (EP6901), was to investigate the use of vision guided robotics to recognise, sort, grasp and place raw gutted fish within a deheading machine in order to maximise the yield from each fish. ROBOFISH demonstrated that the technology was both feasible and able to produce the increase in yield under short term trial conditions in Reykjavik.

This Demonstration Action outlines pull-through action over a 12 month period in order to:
- produce a formal Customer Functional Specification for the production machine embodying all relevant requirements agreed by a management team of 8 potential customer firms.
- verify that it is feasible to attain yield improvement of 1-3% on large numbers of fresh fish when removing the head whilst still held in the machine's gripper.
- improve and simplify the Demonstrator System to ensure that functionality, safety, reliability, and cost, all conform as far as possible to the users' requirements.
- produce reports to disseminate technical results, and widen awareness of changes in management, working conditions and training needs related to introduction of the new technology into the industry.

A unique, new management system is proposed to ensure that the Customer Functional Specification for the machine, and its implementation, are produced and managed by a team of 8 fish processing user companies across Europe - called the Users Management Board (UMB).

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