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Pull through demonstration action for sensor guided robot technology in the fish processing industry

Exploitable results

ROBOFISH II is a production prototype (workable demonstrator) for the decapitation of white fish. This is a critical action in the processing of fish. The aim is to maximise the yield by making a unique cut for each fish. Meat left with the head of the fish has a greatly reduced value. The unique cut is produced by controlling the head and body of the fish with respect to a pair of fixed rotating blades. As the fish is taken through the blades the fish head and body are rotated independently to produce an optimal non-linear cut path. In-feed to the machine is automated. There are also options for automated out-feed to a filleting machine. The prototype machine is designed to run at 20 fish per minute. The potential market for ROBOFISH II is the worldwide fish processing industry. Its major achievement is fillet yield improvement. The device is currently undergoing further trials and evaluation at Marel and Grandi (Iceland), before being re-engineered into a marketable product. The main benefits brought by ROBOFISH II are yield improvement and the opportunity to improve working conditions. The work-cell is the most important deliverable from the project. It has many novel features that have been patented. The machine is a self-contained unit with all electronics and computing within IP65 cabinets.