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Cofunding of the CERN Fellowship Programme


For many years, CERN has operated a trans-national Fellowship programme, offering scientists and engineers challenging opportunities in particle physics research, and in related fields of physics and technology. The COFUND action offers CERN a timely opportunity to enhance the mobility element of this programme, which is open to nationals of all countries. This opportunity comes at a time when the startup of the Large Hadron Collider makes CERN one of the most exciting places to work for the global physics and technology community. Mobility will be enhanced through the opportunity to spend up to one third of the Fellowship in external institutions, including industrial laboratories. The employment conditions will be improved by offering three-year appointments rather than the standard two-year terms of CERN Fellows. These improvements, enabled by the COFUND action, will further increase the competitiveness of CERN’s Fellowship Programme. In particular, they are expected to trigger a strong reintegration effect on European researchers presently based in the US. Applicants will propose their own research projects. Selection will be based on the scientific potential of the proposal, and on the demonstrated excellence of the candidate. Working on frontier research and technology projects and profiting from the unique facilities available at CERN, the co-funded Fellows will deepen their knowledge in their own field and acquire international visibility and reputation. They will broaden their skills using the numerous training opportunities and through their exposure to an interdisciplinary and multi-national environment. Inter-sectorial skills will be fostered through CERN’s industrial collaborations and technology transfer projects. Fellows will spend at least two thirds of their Fellowship at CERN. We consider this provision to be justified by the size of CERN, the diversity of the research and training opportunities, and by the uniqueness of CERN’s facilities.

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