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Professional training and career development in biomedicine

Final Report Summary - BIOTRACK (Professional training and career development in biomedicine)

The IDIBAPS, Institut d’Investigacions Biomèdiques August Pi i Sunyer, is a public research consortium in biomedicine including a hospital, an university and a research institute. The BIOTRACK initiative is a project that allows IDIBAPS to increase its scientific production and quality by strengthening its existing mobility schemes directed to recruit talented researchers. The support received by the European Commission has improved the conditions and scope of the mobility schemes included in this programme. Thus, IDIBAPS has become more attractive for the most promising researchers.

BIOTRACK, Professional Training and Career Development in Biomedicine, is a 72-month COFUND Marie Curie Action funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission (15/06/2009-14/06/2015).

BIOTRACK mobility schemes:
1. In-coming mobility, Postdoctoral programme:
18 researchers have been granted with a 3-year contract to train and develop their careers as young excellent researchers. Compared to the previous existing programme, the number of opportunities per year, the working conditions as well as the impact have increased importantly.
These researchers have been selected through 10 calls opened during the first 48 months of the project. The starting dates of their contracts are included between 01/03/2010 and 05/02/2013. Therefore, the researchers who started working at IDIBAPS the latest will maintain their contract until the accomplishment of the 3-year contract whilst the BIOTRACK project has finished.
Many outcomes to be highlighted are being obtained.

2. Reintegration scheme, Senior and non-senior researchers:
2 Senior, 2 non-senior researchers coming from Europe and 2 non-senior researchers coming from Third countries have received the support of the COFUND initiative complementing their start-up. This extra funding has allowed IDIBAPS be more attractive for them meanwhile they have had the opportunity to have an easier reintegration at IDIBAPS.
They have been granted in line with the calendar of their official programmes. Some relevant outcomes have been achieved.

IDIBAPS have done a lot of efforts to manage appropriately the programme. Many departments within the institution have been involved during the implementation of BIOTRACK. As a consequence, new procedures and protocols have been created at IDIBAPS.

The institution will continue working to find funds and ways to continue implementing this programme. Very good results have been obtained and the intention is to continue offering opportunities to talented researchers to join an excellent biomedical institute in order to continue growing professionally to promote their career development.

Contact details:
149-153, Rosselló street
08036 Barcelona (Spain)
Phone: (+34) 933129401