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Professional training and career development in biomedicine

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Professional training and career development in biomedicine

August Pi i Sunyer Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBAPS) is a leading Spanish biomedical research centre that is gaining recognition internationally. An institutional EU initiative helped to promote translational research, innovation and technological progress in the field of biomedicine.


The biomedical sector requires highly trained and talented researchers as well as innovative research initiatives to promote health and welfare. The EU-funded BIOTRACK (Professional training and career development in biomedicine) project set out to boost IDIBAPS' scientific capacity by reinforcing its current mobility schemes aimed at recruiting promising researchers. BIOTRACK initiated an incoming mobility scheme to improve the skills of 18 talented researchers who have acquired experience in other countries and to facilitate their careers in biomedicine. The programme included 3-year placements for postdoctoral fellows offered through 10 competitive calls. To support the fellows' research efforts in achieving notable scientific outputs, they were given the opportunity to benefit from a wide variety of in-house technical services and a dynamic, international scientific working environment. The other scheme concerned the reintegration of 2 senior, 3 junior European researchers and 1 junior third-country researcher. It offered permanent reintegration at IDIBAPS and start-up incentives to perform research within various reintegration programmes. Thanks to BIOTRACK, new procedures and protocols were also developed and put into place at IDIBAPS. By creating new positions and helping researchers further their development and expertise with the support of BIOTRACK, IDIBAPS is quickly becoming a European centre of excellence in biomedicine and related research in southern Europe. The increased visibility of BIOTRACK on an international level resulted in more promising researchers vying to work at the Institute. The end result will be mutually beneficial, with talented researchers advancing their careers and the European Research Area (ERA) benefiting from cutting-edge biomedical research.


Professional training, career development, biomedicine, excellence, IDIBAPS, incoming mobility scheme, reintegration mobility scheme

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