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Exploiting the Potential of Structural Biology through NMR and Associated Technologies - Opportunities for Economic Development of Pharma/Biotech in Tuscany, Berlin-Brandenburg and Beyond


EPISODE’s goal is to maximize the regional benefits of Structural Biology Research Infrastructures in NMR and associated technologies for the economic development of the pharma/biotech industries in Tuscany, Berlin-Brandenburg and beyond. As traditional Structural Biology research moves towards new horizons, a major goal has become a systemic view of Life, implying a change of focus from single molecules and interactions to an integrated view of networks of interactions at varying levels of biological organization. NMR and associated technologies are an integral part of such research, and their importance has recently been reflected in the ESFRI Roadmap’s INSTRUCT Integrated Structural Biology Infrastructure. While this emerging paradigm presents myriad new opportunities for the R&D programs of the pharma/biotech sectors, the technologies and their associated research infrastructures have not yet been fully exploited, a situation that must urgently be understood and rectified. Berlin-Brandenburg and Tuscany are uniquely poised to meet this challenge, in part through the presence of strong research infrastructures. EPISODE will encourage cooperation and collaboration among regional research institutions, business and areas agencies to couple research with revenue, through the following actions: (i) research-driven clusters will be expanded and stimulated interregionally and transnationally; (ii) current regional capabilities in terms of research potential and exploitation will be studied; (iii) a Joint Action Plan will be developed to define how to drive future economic development. Dissemination and outreach efforts, the encouragement of collaborations, support measures for SMEs and spin-offs, and the mentoring of less-developed regions will be given a special place throughout the project. EPISODE will positively impact research potential and economic potential, with corresponding effects on the health and welfare of regional, European and global populations.

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Palazzo strozzi sacrati - piazza del duomo 10
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Centro (IT) Toscana Firenze
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